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Whether it's a small upgrade or a major overhaul there are few vital necessities that you need to know when you’re planning on making a change in your bathroom. From contracting to permits and designing to plumbing everything has to be done right in order for you to be satisfied with your renovations.
Everything matters in your bathroom. The most beautiful sink you found might not match your preexisting tubs and cabinets. The tiles you have may look too dull under your new lighting. It is important to consider the ensemble of every single type of furnishings.
No matter how big or small the project is it is vital to consult a professional to reduce potential problems and headaches. Sometimes the money you could have potentially saved by taking on a project yourself might end up costing you more through later repair bills and fix ups. It is important to get things done the right way first time around.
At Marcon we offer full spectrum of services to reduce your headaches as much as possible, making the process pleasant. All of us at Marcon Kitchen & Bath and our team of renovators specialize in bathroom renovation in Toronto and the surrounding area. We ensure client satisfaction and promise a personalized bathroom that fits your unique style.
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